Deanery Development Planning Open Meeting. Monday, 26 September 6.30-9pm at St Mary's, Linton.

Bring & Share Supper followed by discussion. 

Please see below a list of the questions to be thought about at the Deanery Development Planning meeting. There are questions which we would like you to give special thought to, these are marked with an asterisk (section A question 3, B questions 2 & 6, D 2 & 3, E 2 & 4, F 2 & 4).

If you are unable to be at the meeting but would like to air an opinion please email Michael,, David , or Charlotte  with your responses.


Questions Comments

A Population growth  
1 Are there likely to be changes to population within the Benefice?
Yes- two housing estates being built and more in consideration
2 What opportunities/challenges do these changes pose?
Difficult to reach people who live on the fringe of the village and can access major transport routes without passing centre of village where the church is.
3 What initiatives might be needed (chaplaincy/church plant/Fresh Expression etc)? *

B Ministry and mission  
1 What ordained (Stipendiary/House for Duty/Self Supporting/PTO) and lay (LLM/ALM) ministers presently serve in the Benefice?
Team Vicar, Associate Priest (SSM), 2PTOs
3 LLMs (1 Children and families, and 2 Readers) and 2 ALMs (Baptism and Pastoral)
2 What sort of team (including ordained and lay persons) do you think your parish needs in order to move forward in mission and ministry? *
3 Which roles do you struggle to fill with volunteers? Why is this?
4 Has the pandemic helped to develop new forms of worship and outreach (via Zoom etc)? How or will you develop these in the future?
 Not really. Use of Facebook live and Zoom have had very limited impact in part due to technical difficuities, lack of volunteers. Cost of better solution could be prohibitive in current climate.
5 How do you work ecumenically in mission and ministry?
Seeking to increase number of activities with local Free Church. Hosting their children’s church during building work. Joint services for youth, and special events e.g. Jubilee, Commemoration
6 What other forms of ministry would be helpful in the future? *

C Occasional Offices  
What are your present patterns for baptisms, weddings, funerals?
Baptisms on Saturdays or other weekday. Funerals on weekdays. Weddings usually Saturdays.
Who takes these? How much are laity involved in ministries to baptism/marriage/bereavement?
Baptisms taken by AP with ALM; Marriage AP or possibly PTO; Funerals AP, PTO or LLM.
Have these changed in recent years?
There has been a post lockdown surge but numbers of each are usually low.
Do you have sufficient resources to run these effectively?
If these have declined how might the deanery help to develop or promote these occasional offices?
D Serving the Common Good/Wider Community  
What projects/initiatives does your Benefice support for the local and/or wider community?
Coffee mornings, Tots in Tow, Make Lunch Club, Support of BYT. Church social events are advertised in the village and regularly draw a few from outside the congregation.
What other projects do you hope to develop? *
Looking at using church as a ‘Warmhub’ this winter.
3 How is your church(es) used by the local community? Can this be developed more? *
Staging a play recently, music concert, WI used it for a meeting when their usual venue wasn’t big enough. Currently hosting the village book of condolence. Will be used for a course when village hall out of action. Poor lighting hampers wider use.
4 How might these projects be enhanced by collaboration across the deanery?

E Schools, youth and families  
1 What schools are in your Benefice? How does your Benefice support these schools?
Church Infants’ School, Linton Heights Junior School, Granta special School and Linton Village College
2 How might your Benefice develop its work with schools *
3 What does your Benefice do for children/ youngsters (do you have a family and children’s ministers for example)?
Family and Children’s LLM, Infant school services, junior school special services, harvest end of term, Messy Church, Tots, SMYG, support of BYT
4 What plans do you have for developing ministry to children, youngsters and families? *
5 How might the deanery help you to develop ministry to Schools, youth and families?
F Sustainability  
1 If your Benefice has churches with very small congregations, how are this congregations supported?
Congregation size is slowly declining. Age profile is also a concern. Fresh faces are always welcome’
2 What plans do you have for the sustaining and governance of these small congregations? *
3 How might the deanery help with these small congregations (administration/lay ministers etc)?
4 How does your Benefice raise money for repairs/development of church buildings? What plans do you have for developing your buildings now and in the long term? *
Rely on ‘Friends’
G Finance  
Is your Benefice able to pay its Ministry Share cost? Yes but increasingly having to dip into reserves to fund the work that we believe is necessary in the village on top of this.
Does your Benefice have a ‘Friends’ group or something similar?
Yes but only fund fabric and QI work not day to day running.
Will paying the Share be problematic in the future?
Will be if using reserves continues.

H Role of the deanery  
What other roles might the deanery perform in the future which are not covered by the questions above?

Page for noting thoughts down.