Children & Families

St Mary's, Linton our vision for ministry
amongst children and their families

Nicolas C & F cartoonNicola Collard's drawing shows the many and varied activities for children and families in the Linton Team


Tots in Tow

Tots in Tow is a well-established group for those caring for infants and pre-school children. 
We aim to:
Welcome everyone
Give a warm welcome to everyone, whatever their age, relationship to the child, culture, religious background, colour, gender or disability.
Be excellent
Show excellence in all that is done in our group, from making coffee to comforting a person in distress. At all times to try to maintain our high standards.
Provide a safe and happy environment
Offer a safe and happy environment for parents, carers, children and for the team.
Offer friendship and support
Offer true friendship to everyone who comes to our group and create an environment where friendships can be made among our group members.
Involve parents and carers
Encourage parents and carers to assist and participate fully in the group as the group is for them and their children. The group is supported by St Mary’s Parish Church.

In May 2021 we started Tots Plus, a group where young families meet with the older residents of Linton for a time of songs and stories in Chalklands. There is something very special as we bring the generations together!

messy church 2
craft table Feb2017Our Messy Church was established in 2003 and meets on the third Sunday of the month. Messy Church is a lively gathering of people of all ages, especially geared to people who don’t naturally sit still. Everyone is very welcome. Messy Church includes a short Christ-centred celebration based on the theme of the day.
It’s fun! There’s noise, we make things, there’s plenty of mess and always food!
Messy Church is part of BRF. You can find out more here

Baby Steps header
Baby Steps is a five-week course aimed at babies not yet mobile, together with their carer. We all want the best possible start for our new baby and Baby Steps helps us nurture our baby’s spiritual development. Over the five weeks, we explore our relationship with God and with each other using bubbles, water, play, songs and stories. Carers have quality time with baby and  get to meet other parents with babies of a similar age.

make lunch          Make lunch Poster
St Marys Church partners with Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) and local schools, together with friends from across the Linton community, to offer Make Lunch Club in the school holidays. We strive to create a safe and caring environment  where children and their families can meet, try some crafts, play some games, make some new friends and eat a hot and healthy meal together. Our team members are from across the generations and are all safely recruited and well trained.