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We love celebrating weddings at St Mary’s! If you live in Linton, or have a strong ‘qualifying connection’ to the parish through having lived here in the past, or through having parents or grandparents who have lived in the village, please get in touch with us when you are planning your marriage.

First step
To inquire about dates for your marriage, please contact our Administrator, Anne Parry-Smith.

It is advisable to look at weddings which have already been booked at the St Mary's by looking at the dates listed below and also on this website’s calendar.

Once you have made your initial enquiry, Anne will pass it onto the Reverend Michael Wilcockson, our Associate Priest, who will contact you and make arrangements to see him. He will see you for four or five sessions. These sessions will cover the practical arrangements for the wedding itself, but more importantly it will be a time for you both to reflect on many areas of your relationship, what marriage means in general and specifically from a Christian point of view.

If either of you has a previous partner from a marriage or a civil partnership who is still living, please let Michael know, before finalising other arrangements, as there are certain questions, we are required to ask you before we may conduct a wedding after a divorce.

Wedding blessings
It may be that you have just had a civil wedding (a ‘registry office’ marriage) in this country or you have been married abroad but would like your marriage to be blessed in church, if this is case, please talk to Michael and he can advise you on what the church can offer you.

There are various charges for your wedding: the wedding itself and additional charges for extras such as ringing of the church bells, flowers, organist, choir and hire of the Pavilion depending on what you have chosen.

Charges will be made according to the ones we publish in January of the year in which your wedding will take place. Before this, we will be able to give you a ‘ball-park figure’.  A very useful source of information about Church of England weddings in general, and how you can make yours really special can be found on the Church of England website.

Celebrating marriage in church is personal, meaningful and spiritual and it’s a privilege for us to be able participate in it with you. After all, what better place to get married than in an ancient parish church, where countless couples before you have made their vows and received God’s blessing? We look forward to hearing from you.

Dates of Weddings booked for 2022
Saturday, 9 July
Saturday, 3 September
Saturday, 15 October

Dates of Weddings booked for 2023
Saturday, 13 May
Saturday, 10 June - parish event. Date not available for weddings.
Saturday, 17 June - Date not available for weddings.
Saturday, 24 June
Saturday, 1 July
Saturday, 8 July

To enquire about your wedding at St Mary’s, contact our Administrator, Anne Parry-Smith

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