Baptisms and Christenings

At St Mary’s, we’re always extremely happy to welcome you or your children through Baptism (often called Christening, especially in the case of children). You can be baptised at any age and it signifies the beginning of someone’s Christian journey of faith. It is a very special, not-to-be-repeated event for the candidate and all their family.
You can have your child baptised regardless of whether or not you, the parents are baptised. It is only the chosen godparents who are required to be baptised. The traditional number of godparents is three, but it is fine to have one or two. If you have other friends who are not baptised and do not wish to be, but who you would like to have a special place in your child’s life, there is the possibility in the service of acknowledging them and celebrating their important role as supporting friends. It is also quite possible to have adults and children baptised at the same service.

Normally, we baptise people who live in Linton, but if you live elsewhere and have a strong connection to the parish, we can almost always welcome you for a baptism too, after we have been in touch with the clergy in the parish where you live.

We usually baptise children on the second Sunday of each month, either before or after lunch, and then warmly invite the newly baptised and their families to join us at an All Age Service at 10am on a Sunday soon afterwards, to receive a special welcome from the congregation of St Mary’s. As many people don’t want to share their baptism service with other families, you do need to be in touch several months beforehand if you have a hoped-for date or time of year.

So, if you want to be baptised, or have your child or children baptised please get in touch with Revd Michael Wilcockson, Associate Priest (Tel. 01223 891005). He will arrange to meet with you, or for other members of the team here to do so, in order to talk through more of what it might mean for you, and make the necessary arrangements.

Meanwhile, you can find out a lot more about christenings, and have many of your questions answered, through the Church Of England website.