"Now is the time to reclaim the rich fullness of our faith by putting down deeper roots in prayer, study and celebration so that we can all hear the call of the Christ who comes to us, stays with us and sends us." Bishop Stephen of Ely writing in 2012.

Prayer is relationship with God, the relationship that we are intended for, where we find out the truth about ourselves and where we can truly flourish and become the people God intended us to be Prayer is the privilege of the child of God and one that we hold precious.

Prayer is the lifeblood of any living, breathing congregation. When we meet we pray together, for ourselves, for those around us and for the world. It is our first and natural response to any news, whether it is about something joyful or something calamitous. We pray together every Sunday, but that is only part of the story. As in any relationship, the more time we spend with God, the closer our relationship will get.  One week a month we have a special prayer slot at the 10 a.m. church service where someone speaks about what they will be doing this time tomorrow. This then leads into a time of focused prayer for those involved in these areas of life, whatever they are.

But weekly prayer at the Sunday service is only part of the story. Many prize the discipline of daily prayer. To aid with that there are prayer diaries published and available on the web and elsewhere. These are produced by Churches, Dioceses and Organisations.

How do we begin to pray outside service times? How can we enter more deeply into prayer? How can we refresh our times of prayer when we find it difficult to pray? The idea of this page is that from time to time a new idea will be suggested to help with this battle. Over time this will grow into a resource of things that people have found useful in helping them to pray. Here are some resources that you might find helpful.

Prayer Diaries
The Anglican Communion prayer diary can be found here. There are also monthly pages that can be viewed on line.
The Ely Diocese has a daily prayer spot on the front page of its website here, which includes the Anglican Communion items.
The USPG, the Anglican mission agency has its prayer page here. This can be downloaded and printed.
One organisation that many of us have links to is Christian Aid. Their prayer diary can be found here. 

Many of us have mobile devices. A useful app to download is called Pray as you Go. Click on the link Pray as you Go for more information. 

Prayer Meetings
On the first Saturday of the month at 9.00am on Zoom we have a meeting to pray about the life of the church. Use this link to register. You will receive a confirmatory email with the link to the meeting. If you have already registered and have the link, you do not need to register again. Do come and join us.
Some people find praying aloud and praying in groups particularly difficult. We are self-conscious about how our prayers might sound to others. We reveal more of ourselves in our prayers and so it takes a measure of trust for us to take part. However, it is so encouraging to meet with others to pray, to hear and share their faltering steps and sentences, to revel in  sharing in other people’s vision of God our Father.
On Thursday 16th September we held a day of prayer to consider the vacancy. As part of this we produced a small pamphlet to help us in our prayers. Click on the link to access a copy.