Things to lift your spirit 

This could include Good News Stories, Nature Notes. There will in time be Links to other websites and social media sites which we hope you may find encouraging or diverting. 

As a starter, Malcolm has just started a YouTube site: A spell in the library, where every day he will take a book from his shelves, and talk about it and read from it - a few minutes which might  appeal to the literary-minded Christian and even contain some inspiration.

There are also Malcolm's daily blog posts,  which quite  lot people, including in this parish, enjoy. Others may, too. 


Nature Notes

Look out for buzzards overhead and kites in the direction of Bartlow, I saw yellow butterflies dancing in the garden on March 24th, as well as ladybirds and bumble bees. Why not stop whenever you hear a bird singing and try to spot where and what it is?

Woodpeckers are hard at work down near the river. The ducks were all sleeping in the sun when i walked past this morning. I wonder when the first ducklings will appear? Perhaps someone can put in a post to tell us all when they first see them. Maggie, (March 31st.)


Yannick has sent a series of delightful photos taken in Linton including a quiz. Can you identify the location of the pictures?