Ecumenical link with Vellore 

The link between Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council and the Diocese of Vellore in the Church of South India was inaugurated at Bar Hill Ecumenical Church (Cambridgeshire) in September 1992.  Since then three covenants between the areas have been signed in January 1998, January 2005 and January 2012.

The Diocese of Ely and the Church of South India undertake to pray for each other and regular visits between the two countries are organised by the group. The next trip is being planned for January 2021. 

Catherine Richardson visited Vellore in the summer of 2019. Here is a link to see some pictures of the trip and an overview of the trip. 

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Appeal for help

Here is the update of the challenges facing the region due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

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Rebecca Richardson, 01/04/2020